New Comics and
Exciting New Things
We receive a delivery of new Comics every Wednesday from Marvel, DC and other Independent publishers.
Myriad of Merchandise
Wide variety of all types of memorabilia for the discerning geek
Regular Events
We host and take part in events throughout the year including Free Comic book day
Friday Night Magic
Free evening of Magic fun. Also, we hold regular Magic drafts, tournaments and more...

Meanwhile, In Preston...

That comic shop is a little family run shop in the heart of Preston. We attract a wide range of like minded comic and gaming enthusiasts. Here at that comic shop we go out of our way to look after our customers and consider our regulars part of our community.

We sell a myriad of geek merchandise, comprising of mainly American comics. Fans of DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, IDW, Dr Who, or 2000ad will be very happy and well looked after at That Comic Shop.

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