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That comic shop is a little family run shop in the heart of Preston. We attract a wide range of like minded comic and gaming enthusiasts. Here at that comic shop we go out of our way to look after our customers and consider our regulars part of our community.
That Comic Shop is a family friendly environment. Noel has proudly owned this shop since 2006 but the store goes back decades with three name changes. With over twenty years of comic selling experience. We at That Comic Shop have a lot of time for people and have built up quite a neat little community of like minded individuals.

We enjoy a regular delivery of brand new comics and exciting new things every week. Comics and trade paperbacks can be ordered in quickly and easily. We try our best to not leave our customers waiting to long for their escapism. The system is so efficient that our products are released on the same day as they are in America.

We sell a myriad of geek merchandise, comprising of mainly American comics. Fans of DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, IDW, Dr Who, or 2000ad will be very happy and well looked after at That Comic Shop.

We are very proud of our invaluable standing order service. Which we provide at no extra cost to the customer. Some people call this a pull list.

Our comics start from just 50p. A great way of trying something new or a great gateway for new readers.

Comic Care? We have Bags, Boards and Boxes in stock to keep your comics clean, neat and dust free.

We very proudly take part in the biggest, global comic event of the year, every year. We have comically named this Geek Christmas.


On the first Saturday in May every year all you need to do to take part is come in and you walk away with free comics, no catch, no purchase necessary.

Come on down and introduce yourself, stay for a chat, check out our huge back issue comic collection.

We stock the Magic the Gathering collectable Card game and hold weekly Friday Night Magic which is a free evening of Magic fun. Also, we hold regular Magic drafts, Pre-release Tournaments all fun, friendly games in store. Players are welcome at anytime to have a friendly game in store with drinks and snacks always ready to hand.

We also have a great selection of Trade Paperbacks, Magazines, Novels, T-Shirts, Action Figures, Keyrings, Mugs, Glasses, Stickers, Badges etc. We have lots of Free posters to anyone who likes them.

Check out our gallery of images from some our hosted events...

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